Thursday, 19 January 2012


Tony and Terry from Cardboard Citizens encourage
 the audience's participation

What an amazing experience. Three performances in a day. The last especially evolving into a great example of Forum Theatre.

The completely involved audience not only reworked the play for a better outcome but then, with the encouragement of the Cardboard Citizens facilitators, came up with a list of ideas they thought would help the homeless, and ways all Corby residents - especially youngsters - could gain access to cultural activities across the summer.

I am sure like me, the rest of the cast is shattered. And I am too incoherent to write much now which is going to be interesting as we are working again today. The Core and Corby Borough Council are making a film of the production and its process for a schools educational pack.

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  1. It was an absolutely powerful experience last night. I knew early on when I felt the emotions stirring in me and began to feel uncomfortable that this wasn't just a piece of entertainment, we were all involved, these issues affect us all. The acting was incredible, using their own script made it believable and accessible to the audience. We're all just a few steps away from having to face what this family faced and this style of forum theatre is a brilliant way to bring it home to us all, make us aware and make us want to do something about it. Have enjoyed your blog too, showing the process everyone went through. Brilliant!