Wednesday, 11 January 2012

He's got it

Some people just naturally have so called ‘stage presence’. There’s just something about them that draws the eye. Tony is like that.

He’s also very funny. “God’s plan for me was a bit long-winded,” he says, before telling us that his recent foray into further education, in the form of an Open University religious studies course, did not resolve his atheism. 

“I’m a philosopher,” he adds. “And I’m currently re-structuring my life.” This is taking a bit of doing but having just found and made a decent play to stay helps. And his diverse previous lives have given him a lot of skills to go along with a keen intelligence. 

A fully qualified gamekeeper, Tony has managed a shop-fitting business and pet import and export firm. He’s also a carpenter and heavy machine driver. There’s much more but we get diverted onto his stories of testing the mettle of his religious studies tutor. 

“I can’t have been that irritating because he wrote to tell me the class was boring without me,” he laughs. 

You’ll spot Tony if you see him on stage. Guaranteed.

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