Thursday, 12 January 2012

Terry gives some advice

We are all now benefiting from the inspired guidance of the show's director Terry. It is a wonderful sight to watch her working with the actors and thinking through how to bring their stories to life, how to keep one step ahead of the audience. Here she's having a few words with Ross whose music mixing abilities are also going to be put to good use in the production.

Terry has worked all over the world on Forum Theatre productions with people from every walk of life. Her experience and knowledge of not only the theatre but life keeps us entertained, focussed and somewhat in awe.

"The stage belongs to everyone. We have given away the right to it to a select few. We need to claim it back," she says.  "Everyone is creative and if creativity is repressed or blocked because of our situation in life, it will come out in some way - usually negatively."

Her point is made by the contrasting positive effect this creative opportunity is having on her acting students. And I wish, again, that creativity was better understood and integrated into our society and especially our schools. Internationally-renowned education and creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson puts it brilliantly in this great video.

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