Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Labels again

I am having a problem. And it’s about labels again (see first post). Someone has said to me that they want to know more about the participants in No Fixed Abode.

And I certainly want to reflect their views and experience in this blog not just mine. But we are all still getting to know each other... gently. I’m also suspicious about the question because I think the person is looking for a label and the tabloid scenario. You know the sort of thing. “Claire, 19, school dropout, alcoholic, self-harmer and now homeless”. Never mind the more complicated reality and history. 

Of course the participants know more than most about violence, drugs, alcohol, prison and the darker side of life than most people but it doesn’t define them. Actually maybe what does is that they have all suffered - for whatever reason. All of which means they have stories that are worth listening too and learning from. 

So that’s why I’m trying to do.  

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