Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Relying on others

The girl was blindfolded. The room quiet as the thief considered how to snatch the keys under her chair. He edged closer trying to hide even his breathing as he loomed over her. Suddenly, the floor creaked noisily in the silence and it was over.

Yes, it was another game on a morning’s training generally focussed on improving our awareness of our fellow actors and the theatrical space. We imitated each other’s walk, followed sounds made by a partner and allowed ourselves to be directed, with our eyes shut, around the room with just touches to the shoulders and head.

Hayley who at 16 wants to leave Corby for a fresh start elsewhere found it difficult initially to allow herself to be ‘controlled’ by her partner Chim. “It was difficult to trust her,” she said. All six foot plus of ex-guardsman Spike, in contrast, clearly enjoyed being propelled around the room by Michael, an actor/ambassador with Cardboard Citizens. “I was quite comfortable with it,” he said.

“It’s nice to rely on someone else, isn’t it?” asked our production director Terry at the conclusion of the morning’s games. Heads nodded in agreement. It was, nice. In the end.

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