Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Comfort zones

So yesterday was the first proper training session for No Fixed Abode.

I was didn't sleep much on Sunday winding myself up as I usually manage to do before a new project. It doesn't take much to make me anxious and not having a clue about how I was going to juggle participating in at least part of the training, as well as writing the blog and producing some kind of artwork (also undecided) was definitely enough to put paid to a restful night.

So I arrived strung out and nervous which was good because as far as I could tell all of us were outside our comfort zones to some degree. But at least I have been in The Corby Cube frequently before and I know (sort of) what we are trying to do, unlike most of the participants who have been scooped up from, in some cases, an extremely tough existence.

So I decide to stuff being an outsider for the first day at least. Sitting on the sidelines with a notebook and bits of paper is anyway against the spirit of Forum Theatre (on which No Fixed Abode is based) as it revolves around interaction and participation.

So we began.

But more of that in the next post when I find some clear reflection time.

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