Monday, 16 January 2012

Sheldon lights the way

Sheldon has a megawatt smile that radiates warmth and quick humour. At fourteen, she is the youngest in the cast but one of the sharpest.

She was way ahead of everyone with ideas and suggestions for a storyline some of us were plotting out last week. It's good to be kept on your toes and smart teenagers like Sheldon are great at that. Life has been hard for her lately but she's tough,  and is rapidly developing her performance skills with the encouragement of Terry and her team.

Sheldon would be a tremendous addition to The Core's youth theatre group and I know the multi-talented Rachel who runs it would love her vitality and intelligence. I hope they will get the chance to meet today as the youth sessions begin.

Not that Sheldon will be free to join in the first one, as along with her mother Carol, who is also in the No Fixed Abode production, we're all going to be under pressure with just two day to go. But with people like Sheldon and Carol in the group, it's a pleasure......although it is also beginning to be a bit scary as the reality of performing in public bites.

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