Sunday, 18 December 2011

From Cardboard to Cube

The Cube may be a striking, iconic (so the architects’ hope) building but especially for those on the margins, it is an intimidating space. I have a thing about transformative spaces which is not really about the feel or aesthetics of a place but still a friendly face does help, and the Cube’s exterior is not inviting. Once inside, if you can stay with it, the large open reception, rehearsal and theatre spaces can give you a sense of freedom and every stage, including The Core’s, is alluring. (In case you are confused the building is called the Cube and the theatre The Core).

The Cube
But some of our recruits don’t get that far. A group of teenagers seeing a mixed bunch of adults in the reception not unsurprisingly take flight. We’re disappointed, they would add much to the production, Lisa thinks they might reappear for the next part of the project after Christmas.

The rest of us make our way down into the Lab, one of the rehearsal areas. After introductions, which I miss because I am still hoping the teenagers will reappear, Tony from Cardboard Citizens gets into a few drama games. I am so impressed with the participants who are willing to give it a go. But it’s all too bizarre for a couple of the youngsters and  they watch from the sidelines. With more time they might take the risk but we’re on a tight schedule and Tony needs to move things on.

I sit next to them and do a few sketches. Drawing is always calming and clears my head. I don’t want to put anyone off so don’t really go for it. I regret it later and wish I had taken a few photographs with permission so I could have extended the sketches over Christmas. Maybe I could do something even with what I’ve got - I have an urge to do something with spray paints and charcoal. 

Then again local Corby poet Spike has kindly sent me his new book of poetry and I’m inspired to try my hand. I need to get over my old English teacher’s insistence that poetry was more about technique than seeing and feeling. I know how dull any art form is when it gets wrapped up in technique so what am I waiting for? 

It’s a terrible thing how so many of us need to re-learn - or learn for the first time - how to play and enjoy the process rather than worrying about the outcome.

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