Thursday, 29 December 2011

Drawn to play

Two weeks until the production schedule starts up again. In the meantime I thought I would try and prepare by drawing and painting on a roll of  brown Kraft packing paper.

Hope lies in this bit
I haven't drawn much for some time. And although I am enjoying the process, it's also hard work and I am plagued by an old acquaintance; the malignant troll who sits on my shoulder from time to time with a sneer. I tell him not to be so impatient.

The first large drawing is not very good as I had only a tiny, quick sketch made at The Core to base it on. But most artists usually manage to find something in their work, not matter how small, to encourage themselves with. I quite liked this bit here (left) because it's showing some varied and yes, hooray, unrestrained mark making.

Why the brown packing paper? Well I use it in workshops as it's strong, cheap and less intimidating than white paper. I am not sure at the moment what I am going to produce in the way of work for No Fixed Abode. But simple, brown packing paper seems like the right material for a project about the homeless.

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